LANCASTER — High school graduation time is approaching and many soon-to-be graduates are trying to figure out what comes next. Some have already been accepted to college, but are learning that the price tag is more than they can afford. Others are just discovering they want to go to college, but think they have missed the deadline to apply. Ohio University Lancaster has some good news to share with those students.

“We are an open enrollment campus,” said OU Enrollment Manager Pat Fox. “What that means is that we have no application deadline and accept any applicant who has completed high school or received their GED.”

OU-Lancaster is also a more affordable option. Since it is a commuter campus, there are no room and board costs. It also is very affordable to take classes. Tuition for one year is around $5,000.

“It’s all about opportunity and access,” said Lancaster Campus Admissions Representative Nate Thomas. “We are still accepting applications for fall semester. While there is no deadline, we do have procedures for applicants to follow in order to get aid applications in for the start of fall semester.”

First, students interested in attending OU-Lancaster must pick up a paper application or apply online. There is a $20 application fee. The applicant must also provide a final high school transcript or a copy of their GED certificate.

“Ohio University Lancaster administrators will help guide applicants through the remaining procedures,” said Thomas. “We will help them apply for financial aid, schedule placement testing and orientation. We also will arrange a one-on-one meeting with one of our student academic advisors to schedule classes.”

Thomas said that many students who attend classes at OU-Lancaster like the smaller campus setting, as well as the personal attention they get from administrators during the application process and professors in the classroom.

“We’re here to serve,” said Thomas. “We are going to help you with all the procedures. It’s okay if applicants are nervous and anxious because you are going to get the help you need along the way.”

Fall Semester at OU-Lancaster begins on Aug. 26.