SOUTH BLOOMINGVILLE — Two women have been charged in connection to two robberies at the Hawk Center Gas Station in South Bloomingville within a four-day time span last week.

Brittany Hoyt, 23, of Harble-Griffith Road, Logan, has been charged with aggravated robbery, a felony of the first-degree, for her alleged involvement in robbing the business on Tuesday, Feb. 19. It’s believed she also was involved in Friday’s robbery, but she hasn’t officially been charged in relation to that crime. Charges are expected to be presented to a Hocking County Grand Jury in the coming weeks.

Nancy Baker Marcum, 37, of South Bloomingville, has been charged with obstructing justice, a third-degree felony, for her part in Friday’s alleged robbery. She is being held at Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail in Nelsonville on a split bond that includes a $75,000 recognizance bond and a $75,000 cash or surety bond.

According to Sgt. Detective Ed Downs of the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, a surveillance video shows Marcum enter the gas station approximately 30 minutes before the robbery, briefly peak inside the beer cooler and look around, select a Pepsi from the cooler, pay for it and exit the store. Also in the video is a beige-colored Ford Taurus with a second person inside the car whom detectives believe is Hoyt.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the vehicle reappears at the gas station and a woman fitting Hoyt’s description enters the store, demands money, receives an undisclosed amount of cash, and leaves.

According to Downs, the owner of the gas station viewed the surveillance video after the robbery and recognized the person as being an extended family member, drove to her home, spotted the beige vehicle, and then contacted authorities.

Hoyt allegedly told the HCSO she committed the crime, but only because she was forced by Marcum. Marcum denied having any knowledge of the incident, though.

Just a few days earlier on Tuesday, Feb. 19, a female matching Hoyt’s description entered the gas station wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, beige pants and gloves and ran off with an undisclosed amount of money.

In that crime, an employee of the store reported a white female 25 to 30 years of age entered and asked for a pack of cigarettes while the employee was on the phone. The suspect waited until the phone call was over and then demanded all the money from the register.

According to the report, the suspect threatened to kill the employee with an alleged gun that was in the pocket of her sweatshirt. After handing over the money, the suspect ordered the employee into a room located next to the register and then exited the store, fleeing on foot.

Hoyt has two pending cases in Pickaway County for aggravated robbery, theft, grant theft, complicity to theft and robbery.

A search of Marcum’s home late Friday found heroin residue and drug paraphernalia, suggesting that the robbery was drug-related, Downs added. Additional drug charges are possible, and will be presented to a Hocking County Grand Jury at a later time.