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    Do your homework before selecting a weight loss program

    (BPT) - Consumers are flooded with weight loss options that promise to help them lose weight and keep it off. But which programs actually work? Do any weight loss programs have scientific evidence to back up their claims? And most importantly, are there programs that offer tools to help people with sustainable weight loss?  Dr. Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PH.D., chief medical officer for ACAP Health Consulting, professor and director of the Laboratory of Preventive Medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and a member of the Jenny Craig Science Advisory Board, recommends that before people engage in a program, they should do their research and rely on evidence-based approaches for support.  He offers the following tips for selecting a weight loss program:

  • Health And Wellness

    Basics for Today’s Businesswomen

    (Family Features) In today’s technology driven age, the successful small business owner is a savvy individual with a passion for their product.

  • Health And Wellness

    A Surprise One Woman Will Never Forget

    (Family Features) This past Mother’s Day, one lucky woman received a highly emotional and life-changing phone call informing her that she was selected as the grand prize winner of The Mrs. #YouToldMe Mother’s Day contest.

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