Latricia Johnston

Latricia Johnston

I often ask myself at the end of the day, especially on those nights I can’t sleep… “Did I add any value to life today?” And, I start processing, going through each task questioning did it really add significant value to the world? I truly believe each of us was created for that very purpose. Not to add importance to ourselves, rather to others.

Giving of one’s self is the root. Time, talent, and, yes, even our finances. When I can take my “little bit” and add it to someone else’s “little bit,” and someone else’s, the magnitude of what it becomes is more than I ever realize. It keeps on multiplying in ways I might never even know.

I find it humbling that somewhere out there I am touching the lives of people I will never meet. They personally don’t need to know I’m making a difference in their life…it’s not about me. It’s about them…me adding value to their life. There’s nothing like it. Unconditional giving so as to add value to others. You don’t have to be rich…you just need a giving heart.

Through the foundation’s many opportunities to make a difference, planned giving allows you to express your beliefs and values by leaving a legacy for those who come behind you. But, are you aware of how simple it is, and the fact that it does not even affect your way of living today?

Consider the fact that hopefully most all of us have crafted a will. This is so important for the family during a difficult time to have things already prepared. By naming Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your bequest, your charitable desires will be fulfilled without burdening others with your wishes. Your bequest can be named in honor or memory of someone; can be restricted so as only the interest generated on your initial gift is used; or can be used for area of greatest need.

Have you evaluated your life insurance policies lately? Perhaps you now carry more insurance coverage than your family obligations now require. Has the need to consider current beneficiaries changed? Designating HVCH Foundation as a partial or full beneficiary to an existing policy can provide a much needed gift to our hospital and possibly save on inheritance tax for a remaining family member.

Retirement planning? Designating retirement plan assets to HVCH Foundation is an easy, tax-efficient way to fund your legacy. Most banks and financial services firms have beneficiary forms they can provide, that would also allow you to identify the Foundation as a beneficiary to an IRA or other retirement asset.

Finally, you do not need cash to give a gift to HVCH! Through transfer of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds that you have owned more than one year, you can also make a difference. In lieu of selling appreciated assets and then donating the proceeds to charity, consider directly transferring them to HVCH Foundation as this will likely increase the value of your gift, avoiding sales expenses and the transfer will not generate a taxable capital gain.

Real Estate is a unique way to provide lasting benefits to HVCH. Donated property (home, vacation property, land, etc.) can save you taxes if you choose to donate them.

At the Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation we know the importance of leaving a meaningful charitable legacy. We encourage you to discuss your philanthropic plans with your family members as appropriate, so they may participate in your decision-making and understand the objectives of your estate giving plans.

You can be a very special part of the history and future of HVCH. When you drive by the hospital we want you to be able to say “that’s our hospital.” Call our office today at 740-380-8336 to learn more!

Column written by Latricia Johnston, Chief Public Relations Officer for Hocking Valley Community Hospital. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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