So! Our Mayor has made historic news! For the first time EVER, a Mayor of Logan has vetoed a bill ... or whatever it was.

I tried to look up the article in The Logan Daily News online, but found it impossible to do. But, as usual, I didn’t let that stop me. I got all the facts and figures I needed at the M&M Diner over discussions with the local breakfast club. A better source is not available.

Apparently, according to the BC, (breakfast club) this is the very first time in the entire history of Logan, Ohio’s long history as a city, that a Mayor has ever vetoed anything the council has proposed. Wow! That must have frosted someone’s nubbins. Whoever heard of a Mayor not rubber stamping a city council’s orders! Congratulations, Mayor Fraunfelter.

As near as I can tell, Mayor Fraunfelter found it objectionable that the City of Logan wanted to start dispensing an illegal (by federal laws) drug (pot) within our borders. I understand that weed is being touted as the newest wonder drug, right up there with Aspirin and Tylenol. Grass is supposed to cure everything from upset stomach to incurable cancer by its proponents. Well, maybe that’s pushing it a bit far.

Ganga (Cannabis) is an illegal drug by federal law. Nothing has changed in that direction. The FDA has never approved its use, either. There have been no known legitimate scientific studies, other than word of mouth by stoners, of its medicinal properties. However, doctors have known for years about its health effects on the human body.

According to doctors, there are many short term psychosocial effects from smoking Reefer. They include, problems with school, work, family, friends, and, of course, the law.

There are long term medical and health risks, also. In those who use Cannabis from an early age, the drug may cause a reduction in memory, attention, and many normal learning functions. It interferes with how the brain constructs linkages between the areas of the brain that are necessary for these functions to work properly.

Pot causes respiratory problems, much as tobacco does. Regular coughing, more frequent lung illnesses, and higher chances for lung infection are some side effects. Mental health is affected also. Frequent users may show disorientation, disagreeable thoughts, anxiety, and paranoia. Add to that list, temporary psychosis and long-lasting mental disorders including paranoia.

Then, of course, there are actually withdrawal symptoms from over use of this “harmless” drug. Anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, cravings, and decreased appetite. Add anger, anorexia, weight loss and strange dreams to that list. But, don’t worry! There are rehab centers available for the addicts’ relief. Go to, But, of course, the pushers of this illegal drug won’t help with your expenses. You’re on your own.

To me, there is more to this push to make so-called, “Medical Cannabis” legal than meets the eye. If it were as good to the human body as pushers say it is, why hasn’t there been legitimate testing from legitimate sources that proves its efficacy?

If there had been, it would be as easy to get as it is for other legitimate drugs. i.e.: Go to a doctor. Get a prescription. Get the prescription filled at any drug store. But, no! This particular “drug” has to be grown locally, processed locally, then, if a doctor will write a prescription for you, you have to go to what gives the appearance of being a local head shop to get it filled. Forget CVS. Forget Walmart. Go instead to a place called Strawberry Fields. (Forever?)

So, if you can get a prescription for Cannabis, pot, weed, grass, Ganga, reefer, Mary Jane, stinkweed, nuggets, Buds, blaze, boo, or broccoli (other pot names), be sure you get the best that’s available. Maybe the “doctor” there can get some Acapulco Gold for you, or maybe, Panama Gold, Black Russian, Texas Tea, Indo, Maui Wowie, Thai Stick, Mexican, or even some Colombo. If the pot dispensary doesn’t come to be, maybe a local bakery can supply you with a few of Mary Jane’s delicious brownies to cure your ills.

Bud Simpson writes a weekly column published in The Logan Daily News. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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