For the last couple of years, my health hasn’t been what you would call excellent. But, with good doctoring (in most cases), I have managed to pull through.

The same might be said of the former Democratic Party. It is so tattered and torn, I don’t recognize it any more. I don’t hold out much hope for its future good health, however. As they say about the terrorists groups in this world, it has become radicalized with an incurable disease. It has become George Washington’s worst nightmare, as stated in his farewell address.

It is now a party that idolizes itself, thinks of itself as omniscient, and will do nearly anything to consolidate and increase its power. Its core members are loyal to the Party only and ignore the electorate within it. George must be rolling over and over in his grave for the last few years.

The New Democratic Party began calling for President Trump’s impeachment before he was even elected. But, that in itself was not too unusual for them. It’s actually business as usual for the New Democrats.

Here is a fact that anyone can check up on. Since Eisenhower left office in 1961, the newly radicalized Democratic party has either tried or succeeded in bringing articles of impeachment against five of the six elected Republican presidents. The only exception was Gerald Ford. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George Bush, and Donald Trump have all been on the receiving end of their never-ending hyper indignation.

Gerald Ford was never an elected president. He was Nixon’s vice-president and took over after Richard Nixon resigned. He was president for only 895 days. He ran against Jimmy Carter when his term was up and, fortunately for him, lost the election. I say, fortunately because if he had been elected by the people, I’m sure he would have done something to rouse the never-ending partisan ire of the Democrats for duly elected Republican presidents. I feel sure that, eventually, he would have ended up in their gun sights as well.

In the past, I have wondered what it is about the so-called leadership in the New Democratic Party that has made them so mean-spirited against all who do not agree with them. However, it is obvious when you see their slate of candidates traipsing all over New Hampshire and Iowa this and last year. In past elections, an old-time Democrat would never ever admit to being even the least teensy-weensy bit progressive, much less an out-and-out Socialist.

However, political Socialism is now openly bragged about by most of the New Democratic candidates, although some temper the “S” word by calling themselves Democratic Socialists. However, Bernie Sanders comes right out and uses the old “S” word without even thinking about it. Now that he has outed himself about his own political proclivities, it seems to have attracted the newly-omniscient young of the New Democratic Party.

Even many of the voters among this New Democratic Party seem confused. Point in question is the Iowa caucuses. It’s obvious it was a terrible fiasco. Not a single one of the newest “wannabe-leaders-of-the-free-world” has been able to separate themselves more than an inch or so from the huge pack they are running amongst. That’s because they all have exactly the same message. “Our solution to all the problems of the free world is money.”

The only difference I can see, is how much money? Some want to spend merely billions of our tax dollars and others think that spending trillions of our tax dollars is the way to the wonderland of Nirvana. They think that the Robin Hood method of taxation is the source of all the riches required to get to, or build, their Nirvana on earth.

Wrong New Democrats! As has been said in past ages, “There ain’t no free lunch.” There ain’t no Nirvana, either. I’m reasonably sure of that. And, there is no never-ending supply of our tax dollars, either. Frankly, local taxes are beginning to strain my lifestyle. Huge New Democratic federal tax increases on top of that will surely put me in the poor house.

Bud Simpson writes a column published in The Logan Daily News. The views of this column may not necessarily be that of the newspaper.

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