It ‘s been a long, long time since I was able to vote for a candidate that I felt was a good choice for whatever office he/she was running for. I usually had to cast my vote for either the lesser of two evils, or one who might possibly keep a promise or two made in the feverish heat of election campaigning.

This next election is shaping up to be another group who prefer smear tactics and innuendo instead of actually sitting down and finding common ground for “wise” decisions and lawmaking. So, instead of busting my chops trying to figure anything out from the unusually large election disaster roaring our way, I have a new method for figuring whether it’s worth getting out of bed for the next presidential election.

It’s a simple way for me to find out if any of this cacophonic, seemingly uninformed, belligerent, and at times, foul-mouthed, bunch of presidential wannabes actually know anything at all about our country.

All I’ve heard so far from their mouths is, “Spend, spend, spend! Tax, tax, tax.” They seem to believe that the root of all evil, is also the solution to all evil. So, again, my system must be very simple. It would have to be to bore into their skulls and actually reach their brains and be comprehended before the next election.

They are well-meaning, I pray, in their enthusiasm to get our votes, but all of them seem to have badly flunked American history in their formative years. Besides taxing us into oblivion, almost to a man and woman, they have pledged to “save our democracy” from the evils of our present President. Some have even sworn to protect our “two-party system of government” from him, also.

What they are all ignorant of is the fact that our country is not, and never has been, a “democracy.” We also definitely do not have a “two-party system of government.” Millions in campaign dollars plus party corruption have almost made this come about, but there is nothing in our Constitution proclaiming the United States of America a Democracy with a two-party system of government. So, what are we then? I’ll let someone much more believable than a transplant from the glorious State of Maine tell you what we are. Would you believe Benjamin Franklin?

At the close of the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in 1787, it is reported that a lady inquired of Ben, “Well, doctor, what have we got. A Republic or a Monarchy?” Ben replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A democracy was never in contention at the convention.

Pure democracies, like communism, have never worked for a country. Why not, you ask? Because a democracy is very similar to a dictatorship in some ways. All a democracy does is let the majority dictate to the minority. One more than fifty per-cent of a population rules the rest of the people. Don’t like it? Too bad. we, plus one, like it just fine. Suck it up until you become the majority, then you too can become a dictator.

Remember when, as school children, we would salute out county’s flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to it? “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” That is the original version of it. Do our children still do this?

In fact, we are much more than just a Republic. We are actually a Constitutional Republic. Within the heart of our Republican form of government beats its lifeblood, the words from our Constitution, spelling out exactly what all our rights and guarantees as citizens of these United States are.

When elected to public offices, all members of our governing bodies swear an oath to uphold these laws and rights guaranteed to us by this fabulous document.

So, having spelled all that out in language so simple even a budding politician should be able to grasp it, this is how I will decide who to vote for in the next presidential election.

I will vote for whoever says they are guaranteeing to preserve our wonderful Republic and the Constitution it is based on. Please! No more of this claptrap about our wonderful democracy.

Bud Simpson writes a weekly column published in The Logan Daily News. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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