Johnny Cash once recorded a song in which one of the lines is, “I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere.” Well, I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been to a lot of very different places. While in the Navy, my ship traveled about in the western Pacific to places such as Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Guam, Taiwan and the Philippines. While working in the shoe industry, I traveled to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and to several countries in Europe. I have been in every state in this wonderful union of ours with the exception of Alaska, North Dakota, and Minnesota. That’s not exactly everywhere, but it’s as close to everywhere as I want to get.

No matter where I traveled, after I got back home, I never failed to realize what a blessing it was to live in a free country such as the United States. I revel in its uniqueness. No other country on the face of this earth is like it. Not even jolly old England; the mother country to the first settlers. They came here for good reasons.

That’s why I cannot believe that there are actually people in our government who want us to be more like Europe. I don’t want to be more like Europe. My ancestors left Europe for good reasons. I’ve been to Europe and, although I had a pleasant visit, I would not want to live there or have my wonderful and unique country be governed as a European country.

Some in our government are not satisfied with merely making us into another Europe. They want us to be part of a “One World” organization with a single monetary system; the same government-controlled health system and the same laws. They want us to be a part of the Utopian States of the World! They actually sound as if they are ashamed of the United States because all this freedom has turned us into the most successful and productive nation ever to appear on the face of this earth. The sad part is this; we elected those same idiots to represent us in government.

To justify their obvious (at least to me) mind rot, they point to places such as Cuba or China or Russia as examples of places that have wonderful health care for their people. By wonderful, they mean the government pays for it. Everyone gets it for nothing. Ever hear that old expression, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” Government-controlled anything is too good to be true!

Medicare is broke! Social Security is broke! The Postal Service is broke! Name any government provided service and if it isn’t broke, it needs fixing and more tax dollars are needed to keep it afloat. And it’s not just the federal government, either. Some state governments are broke. County governments are broke. City governments are broke. That’s how well government agencies are able to run themselves. They live for the good times and think those times will never end. When bad times inevitably come, they are never prepared for them, and in most cases, the bad times are caused by them because of trying to offer everything for everyone.

It seems that whenever a conservative is elected to public office, many liberals threaten to move to another country; France seems particularly attractive to most of them. Unfortunately, none of them ever seems to make the move. They hang around because if they left, they would not be able to try to change the United States into one of the Utopian States of the World when it’s their turn at the helm of the ship of state.

Here are a few words for them: If our country’s wondrous success and freedom is so repugnant to you, please emigrate to your favorite other country. You would be so much happier there and I, and many others who truly love America, would be happy for you, too. I know for certain that there are other people in other countries around the world who would leap at the chance to take your place here in America. We are still the land of the free, at least, for the moment

You don’t believe me, huh? Just watch the world news in the evenings. I know all those people from Central America, Mexico and now, Haiti, would be more than happy to trade places with you.

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