"By all odds, the weakest man who has ever been elected."

"The President is an idiot."

"Evidently a person of very inferior cast of character, wholly unequal to the crisis."

"Vain, weak, puerile, hypocritical, without manners, without social grace, and as he talks to you, punches his fists under your ribs."

"His speeches have fallen like a wet blanket here. They put to flight all notions of greatness."

"Will go down to posterity as the man who could not read the signs of the times, nor understand the circumstances and interests of his country ... who had no political aptitude; who plunged his country into a great war without a plan; who failed without excuse, and fell without a friend."

"The people have, for 19 months, poured out, at your call, sons, brothers, husbands and money. What is the result? Do you realize that the desolation, sorrow, grief that pervades this country is owing to you? That the young men who have been maimed, crippled, murdered, and made invalids for life, owe it to your weakness, irresolution, and want of moral courage?"

"The money flows out, tens of thousands wait, are rearranged to no purpose, march pointlessly over expensive bridges thrown up for the occasion, march back across the same bridges, which are then torn down. And nothing is accomplished."

"Line up the corpses; walk from end to end; look upon each father, husband, brother, son; total up the cost that way, and think (as our military men, quizzed upon this confidentially, all do) that this grim line of ruined futures is only the beginning of the tidal wave of young death that must soon befall us."

"Peace, sir, make peace: the cry of man since at least our Savior's time. Why ignore it now? Blessed are the peacemakers, the Scriptures say, and we must assume the converse also to be true: cursed are the warmongers, however just they believe their cause."

"You have seized the reins, made yourself dictator, established a monolithic new form of government which must dominate over the rights of the individual. Your reign presages a terrible time when all of our liberties shall be lost in favor of the rights of the monolith. The founders look on in dismay."

"So we have a dilemma upon us, 'What to do,' when his power must continue two years longer and when the existence of our country may be endangered before he can be replaced by a man of sense. How hard, in order to save the country, to sustain a man who is incompetent."

The above words are indeed very strong in reference to a sitting President of the United States. But, those powerful words and many others that are so filthy, that no civilized news organization would use them in polite company have been used against one of our Presidents. But, they pale in comparison to what is used in this day and age, even by some of our "Lady" presidential candidates. Even though these words could and are used against President Donald Trump, these are direct quotes against another president from past history. Who was he? Well, here are other quotes from those days.

A final quote from a newspaper of that time, the "La Crosse Democrat": "If Abe Lincoln should be re-elected for another term of four years of such wretched administration, we hope that a bold hand will be found to plunge a dagger into the tyrant's heart for the public welfare."

We all know Lincoln didn't die from a knife wound. A bullet took his life, instead. It would seem that the times, our times, are really not much different. The people of today still cannot tolerate words that contradict their own beliefs. Our First Amendment is seriously broken.

Bud Simpson writes a weekly column published in The Logan Daily News. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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