Latricia Johnston

Latricia Johnston

Vibrant communities do not “just happen.” It takes many hands and ideas to make the town one that thrives. Parents want a safe place in which children and grandchildren can grow and learn. Citizens want to know there are robust opportunities for employment and career advancement.

We all need food to eat and clothes to wear, thus shopping centers are important. We need cars to drive to our destinations, so auto sales and repairs are a necessity. The list could go on and on. But, for sure and certain at one point we have all needed to call a medical provider or make an emergency run to a medical facility, so having a local hospital is also very much vital to a thriving community.

Healthcare is most likely the one type of organization that touches the life of everyone. Face it…we get sick, and our bodies need restoration. It is critical there be access to medical care when we need it most.

I often wonder how many of us think about how rural our part of Ohio really is. Many still have dial up network, no cable television, and rely on picking the phone up on the wall and dialing it whenever they need to make a call. My parents are one of those groups of people.

I am dreading the day when a serious emergency happens and I need to call a squad for them. But when it does, I am going to be forever grateful there is a hospital in Logan. Because, it’s going to take at least 20 minutes for a squad to get there, however long it takes them to assess the situation, and then transport them back to Logan.

If Hocking Valley Community Hospital was not here, I’d be looking at an additional 20 minutes to get them to the next closest facility, and 20 minutes could be the one thing that holds their fate in its hands.

Additionally, in an active community, typically the medical facility is one of the largest employers in town. Meaning, they provide jobs, insurance benefits, and dollars go back into other businesses because of the paycheck they receive and spend in town. Not only is it convenient to have primary or specialist care right next door, we should be reminded when we have our labs, x-rays, surgeries and other medical care done within our community, we are infusing dollars back into our own Hocking County. When we choose to go outside of Logan, we are giving monies to other towns to use for their benefit.

A strong healthcare facility is attractive to outsiders and will encourage them to visit and perhaps eventually relocate to our city. We all know that families with children generally research the healthcare and education systems before making a move.

At Hocking Valley Community Hospital you have a team of individuals who truly care for the wellbeing of this county. You will not only find that in the care you receive 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year when you come to our facility, but you will often find us outside of these doors investing in Hocking County in other ways.

Through our volunteer services at other local charities and charitable events; by providing school supplies to students who need; through healthy educational opportunities at our local senior center and school system; hosting shadowing students and interns to mentor them for future service in our community; serving on local and regional boards; providing Christmas toys to foster children at Christmastime, and hosting our free annual Holiday Affair for the community. This only scratches the surface of how much we care about you at HVCH.

For information on the many services we provide, please call 740-380-8000 or go to our website at You can also like us on Facebook. Thank you for each time you choose Hocking Valley Community Hospital for your healthcare needs. It is an honor and privilege to serve you and our community.

Column written by Latricia Johnston, Chief Public Relations Officer for Hocking Valley Community Hospital. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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