I’m a very curious type of guy. Because of that, I don’t believe everything I see on TV, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers. So, the other day, I heard on television news that the State of Ohio was giving grades to all schools and school districts in Ohio.

As I said, I’m a curious type of guy. From how the Logan schools are presented to the public, I was sure that Logan High School and the Logan-Hocking School District were right up there with the brightest in Ohio. In my mind, from what I’ve read and heard, these schools must certainly be among the top schools in this state.

So, to verify my thoughts, seeing as how I’m a hard sell type of guy, I decided to see how the Logan schools rated among the schools in Ohio. I almost wish I hadn’t. After all, Logan-Hocking schools have a very high graduation rate, usually above 95 percent. Doesn’t that show how well prepared our students are to go out and meet the world? You don’t graduate if you fail your classes, do you? Of course not!

With our new nearly $10,000,000 field house in the works, I figured our athletes were among at least the top 10 percent. How else could you justify spending that much money to reward them? Shock number one! Logan-Hocking athletes are only number 156 out of 608 school districts. About 75 percent of the districts are better than we are in that category.

The shocks kept coming. We are number 224 of 608 best school districts in Ohio. We are number 304 of 608 for the best places to teach in Ohio. We are number 355 of 608 for the safest school districts in Ohio. We are number 358 0f 608 with the best teachers in Ohio. Hey! Don’t yell at me. These numbers come from the state, not me!

Overall, The Logan-Hocking School District received a grade of “C” from the state. A “C” is about average. At least it was when I went to school in the last century. Logan High School by itself, received a rating of “D”. That was a real shock to me. But, as I expected, LHS gets an “A” for graduation of students. In four years, 95.1 percent of students graduated; 97.1 percent graduated in five years. I’m not sure how to figure those numbers.

LHS gets a “D” in Achievement. This is a grade on how well students performed on state tests and how well students performed on tests overall. LHS got a “D” in progress. This was based on growth students were making based on their past performances. In Gap Closing, LHS got a “D”. Gap Closing shows, ...”how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for our most vulnerable students in English language arts, math, graduation and English language proficiency.”

Are our students prepared for success? According to the Prepared for Success area, which states: “Whether training in a technical field or preparing for work or college, the Prepared for Success component looks at how well prepared Ohio’s students are for all future opportunities.”

To me, this a very important area. After all, what are we sending our valuable children to school for? It’s to get a proper education and to help insure they are truly prepared to face an independent life and do well in it. I have always said that a good education is like a tool box. It gives you useful tools in order to meet life’s challenges. With no education or a poor education, your tool box is missing many key tools you need for success.

So, ladies and gentlemen, how did Logan High School rate in that department? A big, fat “F” is what we were given in that area. In case you graduated from Logan High School, I’ll tell you what “F” means. It means, FAILURE! We are not meeting our responsibilities to our young people. We are failing them and causing them to possibly fail in life. Instead of building them a multi-million dollar field house, maybe some of those dollars could have been used to better their education. That is what a school’s primary mission is. EDUCATION, not GAMES!

Bud Simpson writes a weekly column published in The Logan Daily News. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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