Dear Editor,

Here are our adventures since my last letter. In March Anita Starling and I went to see “Shrek The Musical” at the high school. March 21 we witnessed our grandson, Kyle, take his oath for the Army National Guards. So proud of this young man. The end of March we made our annual camping trip to Kentucky for the truck show. Sister, Jane and husband Dave, always join us

In April, Jane and I went to see the Children’s Musical “Annie Jr.” Enjoy watching these talented young children. Watched our pretty granddaughter go to her first prom.

In May we flew to Las Vegas for the trash convention and some fun, of course. Sister, Jane and husband went with us. We enjoyed “David Copperfield Show” and the “Heart Attack Grill”. We walked 35 miles in four days!!!

Two days later we went with fellow Gold Wing riders on our “Trek Ohio” adventure 450 miles visiting Big Muskie, Route 555, Warther’s Museum, Packard Museum, AI Root Candle Co., Malabar Farm State Park and our favorite Ohio Veterans Memorial Park. We attended our grandson’s graduation from Logan High School.

In June we visited our Indiana friends at the Nelsonville Vintage Camper Show. That was really a nice show and the people were so nice. Other activities include car cruises, Washboard Festival, church activities, cookouts, and, of course, garden, flowers and hay-making. We camped at Walnut Creek in Chillicothe — very nice.

On July 4th we rode to AMA Motorcycle Museum for our eighth Ohio Trek stop four left to visit before Nov. 1st!! We went to the “Goodguys” car show at the Ohio State fairgrounds and walked 6.2 miles. Anita Starling and I went to the Lancaster Festival art walk and to see Amani Children’s Choir from Uganda. Hot day!

We are trying to stay fit as we enjoy the sites. Until next time, stay cool!

Thelma Farmer


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