Dear Editor,

Just some background on the zoning variance granted to the Washboard Factory:

On Monday, Sept. 20, the City of Logan Planning and Annexation Committee met as a committee of the whole (meaning that in addition to the designated members of the Planning and Annexation Committee all members of City Council could participate and vote).

In the meeting, it was established that the proposed activity at 4 E. Main St., which includes “fabrication and assembly,” does, by statute, fall in the classification of “manufacturing,” which is not included as a permitted, conditional, or even implied usage in the B-1 business district.

The committee voted unanimously, and correctly, to deny the variance. The vote was 5-0, with one member absent and one abstaining.

Eight days later, six council members met in a regular council meeting and voted 3-1 to reverse their original unanimous decision (two abstentions this time).

My personal opinion on whether or not light manufacturing should be permitted in Logan’s Central Business District is irrelevant, but if zoning decisions continue to be made on the basis of pure economic expediency, our zoning code and basic city structure will also become irrelevant.

Incidentally, in the regular council meeting, one of the principals in the transaction stated that if any council member had the audacity to disagree with their proposal, their judgment was so bad that they should resign.

I think I’m going to stick around for a while anyway, at least until the voters throw me out.

Michael Berry

Council at large


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