Dear Editor,

Very special thanks to every single person and business involved in sponsoring, supporting, advising, assisting, and spreading the word for this event on May 22! There were a total of 14 participants from Athens, Fairfield, and Hocking counties, ranging from 1 year to 64 years in age, on our very own “Hocking Hills Global 6K for Water” team, which raised $460 that guarantees nine children with a fresh water source for their villages! The water program fundraiser continues for another month (you can still donate!), so the USA totals are not complete but as of Saturday night, there were 880 teams with 19,800 participants raising over $2,192,125 bringing fresh water to 43,800+ people! The global totals have not been released thus far.

Next years’ date has already been set for May 21, 2022 (save the date!) and will again be held at the Logan Conference center. There’s a half-price code for early bird registration but only through the end of this month. Your registration fee (usually $50 over 18 years, $25 for 18 years and under, but half price thru May 31) automatically guarantees one child (and their village) a source for clean water. Each registrant will be mailed a 6K T-shirt, 6K medal, and a picture bib of the child you just provided with the opportunity to attend school and live a healthier life by obliterating the need to walk 6K multiple times per day, for contaminated water, filled with disease-causing bacteria! Our team was delighted to see the faces of the kids we were able to transform.

Please email our team ( with any questions and for the registration link and discount code to join us for next year!

Alicia McCarty


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