Dear Editor;

After reading Karen's tribute to Jerry, it brought back fond memories of my youth with Jerry. I was but a 10-year-old boy pedaling my Columbus Citizen Journal paper route in Logan's west end.

The easter point of my daily round brought me to Jerry's dad's shoe repair shop located in the same building where the "Happy Weed Store" is on West Main Street, where Jerry's dad (Jim) made a modest living for his family.

They lived in a very nice brick home net tot he shop. Jerry was an outdoor guy; fishing, hunting and trapping was his life. After hours of begging to go with him, Jerry took me under his wing and took me with him sucker fishing in Clear Fork Creek. (For those of you who do not know Clear Fork is the water source that made Lake Logan.) 

The sucker run is what we called this annual event in early March of each year. When I was 14, Jerry and I hunted pheasant and rabbit on the same land where Lake Logan is located. Jerry taught me how to use a fly rod. He built a kayak and took me to Rockbridge Basin to fly fish for bluegill. (He used the kayak and I fished from the bank.) He came back in an hour with a net sack full of the biggest black bluegill I ever seen. I caught a few small ones.

I'm almost 82 now and I will never forget the great friend I had as a boy with Jerry Hutchison.

Garold (Gary) Linscott


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