Dear Editor,

This is in response to “Letter to the Editor” published on Feb. 21, 2019, presenting the plans for the PNC Bank to move the monuments from Worthington Park.

The idea of moving the monuments out of Worthington Park is so disrespectful to our veterans and their families. This is a part of Logan’s heritage.

The PNC Bank needs to leave the park just the way it is! We need to be teaching our children about the sacrifices the military make for all of us, not turn this park into a “playground.”

Let’s ask military families their thoughts on this project.

I am deeply saddened it is even being considered to do such a disgraceful thing to Logan. I am a “Gold Star” family member, my only brother, Marcus James Hamilton, fought and died in Vietnam. We are honored to have his name on the monument in Worthington Park.

Joy Davis, you need to re-think your idea. Let’s let Logan decide on this project, I’m sure Logan has more respect than to do this!

Take your music and play area to a different location, not Worthington Park.

I think an open meeting should be held about this with Veterans and their families. The park is like sacred ground.

Gold Star Sisters,

Connie Kline

Marilyn Stevens

Cathy Mohler

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