Dear Editor;

Twenty years ago I made it a point to attend as many commissioner meetings as I could. The vast majority of the public have no idea of how government works. They couldn’t care less unless someone tells them it is their ox getting gored.

Enter the animal shelter. Around 2000 or so, the animal shelter was a way station to the gas chamber. The problem was pointed out and with little fanfare it stopped. Monthly reporting was initiated and putting dogs down became a rarity.

Next the dog warden became an issue. He dressed as a law enforcement person with gun, badge and sported lights on his truck. As a symbol of law enforcement some folks were unhappy and let the commissioners know. Without a ton of fanfare he was let go. No need for a police wannabe at the dog pound!

The man who currently worked the job was a good man. With only the money from tags (no taxpayer money) he did all he could. He even stretched the money for a part-time person as he could not do it all.

Someone decides washing the dogs with unheated tap water from a hose is wrong. Not having AC in the summer and minimal heat in the winter is cruelty. Yes the building is old.

Instead of going to the commissioners’ meetings and quietly working with them, they called the TV stations. They went on social media and called them vile names. They also started petitions to remove the “corrupt” commissioners.

Now the pound is closed and employees gone. The tag money will be going to the Humane Society. The Humane Society has also been blasted for not having proper shelter for the dogs.

To recap, we no longer have an animal pound, we no longer control how the tag money is spent. We now have a sheriff’s deputy as a dog warden who doesn’t answer to the commissioners.

Now if an animal owner disagrees with the dog warden, he won’t just get a ticket, he can go to jail for his difference of opinion. “WAY TO GO GUYS!!!”

William Kaeppner


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