Dear Editor,

In the very center of our village stands a flagpole that is well lit at night.

Hanging in tatters at the top of the pole is a very dirty and very worn out and ripped up flag.

It is the kind that you can buy new for maybe $20.

The Laurelville Mayor and Village Council should step down for showing this much disrespect for our military service men and women that gave their lives to defend the flag and the total disregard shown to our veterans who see this sickening lack of value being placed on the stars and stripes.

For the Mayor or any Council member to say they didn’t know is a lie. They would have to be blind not to see the ruins our Village flag is in.

It is a disgusting disregard for our heritage as a Village and county that has sent men and women to serve only to have them returned for burial in flag-draped casket.

Get the old flag down and replace with a new one. The Mayor and Council are keepers of the flag for the Village and if they can’t do that simple act of patriotism, can you just imagine what else they don’t take care of for the Village?

Resignations are in order.

Terry Dountz


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