Dear Editor,

Wear masks until we get through the pandemic, even the vaccinated? Get vaccinated or get fired? I believe we know the nature of this virus and it is not going to just “go away.” We are also not going to vaccinate our way out of COVID-19.

We also know the masks that the majority of people – including or maybe especially children – are wearing are ineffective. We also know that while there is a small up-tick among children being infected, they typically experience milder symptoms. We also know that mask wearing can inhibit a child’s social and learning abilities.

We also know that those who experience COVID and come through it have a natural immunity unlike the “protection” the vaccines might provide. So why don’t we be honest with ourselves and take whatever personal steps we choose to remain healthy, and if one experiences symptoms – get tested; quarantine those who are ill until they recover and just go about the business of living our lives.

Stephen Ball


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