Local attorney supporting Black for Prosecutor

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor;

I have practiced law in Logan for 45.5 years.

During that time, Hocking County has had six prosecuting attorneys including our present Prosecutor, Mr. Ben Fickel.

During that time, I have never encountered figures from the public records that I am sharing below concerning any of the other prosecuting attorneys.

It is because of these figures that I am strongly supporting Ryan Black for Hocking County Prosecuting Attorney.

According to the public records, during the time Mr. Fickel has been Prosecuting Attorney, the following things have happened, which things I find to be extremely disturbing, and which things have led me to strongly support Ryan Black as candidate for Hocking County Prosecuting Attorney:

(1) Dismissals in The Hocking County MUNICIPAL Court = 1,058

(2) Cost to the Court [AND to the Taxpayers] from January to August 2019 for DISMISSALS = $10,000-plus (does not include jail bill)

(3) Number of cases referred to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office by The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office upon which no action was taken = 298 cases referred in 2019; 133 remain with no action

(4) Number of cases dismissed in the Hocking County COMMON PLEAS Court = 50 cases in 2019

(5) Cost to the Court [AND to the Taxpayers] of these dismissals = $14,258.79

Upon considering that which is set forth above, please join me in voting for Ryan Black as Hocking County Prosecuting Attorney.

G. Drew Rolston


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