Dear Editor,

Recently, I traveled from Logan to the Statehouse in Columbus to represent cancer patients and survivors. I called on state lawmakers to make reducing the toll of tobacco on Ohio a priority.

I was honored to be joined by over a 100 of my fellow American Cancer Society Cancer Network volunteers from across the state.

I met with Representative Ron Hood, and made it clear that Ohio’s legislature needs to put politics aside on behalf of all those Ohioans who will hear the words, “you have cancer” this year, and all those who will ultimately die from the disease.

Since so many cancer deaths are related to tobacco use, we asked our lawmakers to support reducing tobacco use in Ohio by properly funding Ohio”s Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention Program. I also discussed that the governor’s proposal to raise the age of sale for all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21 needs additional changes in order to effectively protect kids from tobacco.

It matters to me because (my father died of smoking. He had quit 10 years earlier, but not fast enough to save his life. I wished he would never picked that habit up as a youth.)

I let our lawmakers know that volunteers across the state are counting on them to take a stand against cancer by supporting what works to prevent it. It’s time to end this devastating disease as we know it.

Catherine Blackstone


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