Dear Editor,

We would like to encourage residents within the city limits of Logan to cast your vote to re-elect Abigail Saving as the law director for the City of Logan for a second term.

Our daughter-in-law has been actively involved in the community since she moved to Logan more than nine years ago after she married our youngest son, Jonah. In addition to serving as the City Law Director and working as an attorney at Lilley & Saving Law Practice, she serves on several boards and committees in an effort to make Logan a better place to live, work and play.

She serves as President of the Hocking Conservancy District, Vice President of the Brighten Your Future Foundation and Secretary for the Hocking County Children’s Chorus, as well as serving as a board member of the Hocking Hills Chamber of Commerce, Hocking County Law Library, Logan Theater, Inc. and the Minnie Bowen Scholarship Fund committee.

Abby strives to live up to the Saving family values that are focused on giving back to the community by volunteering in a variety of ways which has proven to produce a positive impact on the community. She admits that she was impressed by her husband’s late grandfather, John Saving’s, volunteer efforts that have had a lasting effect on the City of Logan. She is proud of the fact that to this day, the Saving family members continue to spearhead the volunteer efforts in restoring, maintaining, hanging and taking down Logan’s historic Christmas lights in preparation for the festive holiday season. The late John Saving was also a longtime member of the local Chamber of Commerce, which inspired Abby to agree to serve on the Chamber Board as well.

Abby was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of her husband’s term as a City Law Director when she was elected as the Hocking County Juvenile and Probate Judge nearly six years ago, and then was elected for her first full term in 2015. She is seeking her second full term on Election Day, Nov. 5.

Abby brings years of experience to the important position of law director and looks forward to continuing to serve as a civil servant for the City of Logan. Our family is asking for you to please cast your vote for Abigail Saving as City of Logan Law Director in November.

Bill and Janey Saving

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