Dear Editor,

Attorney Terry Jerrett submitted an article to The Logan Daily News on Thursday, Feb. 18, in which he misled readers regarding the primary causes of the Texas power crisis. He reported that “much of the Texas grid relies on wind turbines.“

He goes on to write that “this is the inevitable result of policies that favor intermittent wind generation while pushing aside the fuel-security and reliability provided by coal plants.” In winter months Texas anticipates getting about 7 percent of its power from wind.

Turbines would not have frozen up if Texas had equipped them for winter as Iowa and North Dakota have, by heating some components and lubricants.

This tale was also pushed by Texas Governor Abbott and others countless times on Hannity and other ‘entertainers’ of Fox News. Contributor Jarrett is a member of RNLA, The National Republican Lawyer’s Association. Nothing wrong with that, though it should have been disclosed.

Dr. Jim Hayward


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