Dear Editor;

Regarding Mr. Barbini's letter concerning countywide zoning, I'd like to express my view. I have found in my long life that once the government gets involved, the citizens lose more of their rights. Zoning does not only clean up dilapidated houses or remove trash, it also makes homeowners buy permits to do improvements to their property at the discretion of an inspector.

Would Mr. Barbini, or any other HHTA member, be willing to add noise control into the zoning laws to stop loud parties by the tourists who visit, disturbing the peace and quiet of the residents? How about the car or motorcycle clubs racing down our county roads ignoring stop signs, knowing law enforcement won't be around to catch them? How about four-wheelers or off-road bikers trespassing on private property because cabin owners think only of the money?

Perhaps there should be a zoning law to keep vehicles from parking along highways and pedestrians walking on the busy roads. How did the HHTA obtain so much power anyway? It is not an official agency elected by the voters. 

Zoning is like taxes; once it has its foot in the door, there is no going back. It only continues to grow. 

Gayle Barnes


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