Dear Editor;

I feel compelled to respond to Sharon Kaeppner's letter to the editor of Tuesday, July 7. She stated that the Black Lives Matter Movement "is a Marxist organization whose goal is the destruction of the American government and the United States Constitution."

There were people who made some of the same allegations against Martin Luther King Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement he led. Dr. King and his followers not only preached, but practiced non-violence. Yet they were often beaten, jailed on bogus charges, or had police dogs or fire hoses turned on them. Some were even killed, including, ultimately, Dr. King himself.

Yet here we are, 52 years after Dr. King's assassination and how much has really changed? People of color are still disproportionately sent to prison and also death row as compared to whites, and they are much more likely to be killed by police for minor infractions, and during routine traffic stops.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence stated that "all Men are created equal," yet slavery flourished for another 89 years, declared illegal only after a war. Even then, most former slaves were denied access to decent jobs, housing and education as well as the right to vote.

Ms. Kaeppner also mentions "our God given rights outlined in the Bill of Rights." Those rights were drafted by legislators, not "God," and the Black Lives Matter Movement is just trying to get the attention of today's legislators. Is "liberty and justice for all" really too much to ask?

Susan DavisĀ 


Editor's note: The Logan Daily News would like to apologize to Susan Davis for the late delay in getting this letter published. The letter was sent into the newsroom immediately following Kaeppner's letter. We apologize and regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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