Dear Editor,

I write this letter in whole-hearted support of Abby Saving’s re-election campaign for the position of Law Director for the City of Logan. Having known Abby as my law partner for most of her professional life, I can attest to her character, work ethic and devotion to the duties of her elected post. In Logan, the Law Director’s job requires a blend of civil and criminal experience, since that post combines prosecutorial duties, along with knowledge of municipal and state laws governing Logan. Abby has served in this position for five years.

Abby is a double-Buckeye, having graduated from OSU’s Fisher Business College (Magna Cum Laude), and the OSU Moritz College of Law (Summa Cum Laude). She has experience working with one of the nation’s premier law firms before her relocation to Logan, with her husband, Probate Judge Jonah Saving. Abby is the mother of two young children who attend our local schools.

The Law Director is responsible for counseling all of the offices of the City Administration, drafting the legislation and agenda for each council meeting, drafting opinions regarding the effects of state laws on the city, in addition to handling hundreds of traffic and criminal misdemeanor cases. She prosecutes all of the assaults, domestic violence matters and DUI arrests occuring within the city. Importantly, Abby has a good working relationship with the Mayor, members of the City Council, the Police Department, Judge Moses and the staff of the Municipal Court.

Having served in this post for more than 15 years, I can think of no better choice than Abby Saving. Please consider this when you cast your vote in November.

Robert Lilley


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