Dear Editor;

There is a much bigger problem lurking on the horizon for the baby boomers. Lives are being shortened because cancer patients and other terminally ill are being coerced into hospice care because these folks can no longer get adequate pain medications.

Physicians are fighting a losing battle to obtain pain medication for patients. Many will not even give pain medicines. I have now been with two cancer patients in the last year who were told that if they needed stronger pain meds they had to go to hospice.

People over 65 are being told they cannot obtain treatment. Medical marijuana works. I see it firsthand. In many cases these same folks have a better quality of life. We pay out so much on addicts who will never give back a thing. People who have worked hard a lifetime are made to suffer now.

I tried to talk to the mayor but he will not talk to me about this. Medical marijuana does not make the addict but families and society certainly do. To my knowledge, no one on city council has a medical background. Have you talked to anyone seriously ill and or their families ? Denying this treatment is a decision none of you are qualified to make.

Thank you,

Jamie Riggs


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