Dear Editor,

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller

As I write this, I am in disbelief. Sad, defeated, mad are just a few words to describe how I am feeling after finding out that our commissioners have fired Anna Wright, Hocking County animal shelter tech.

If you’ve followed this story, you would know she is the only person who was employed- that cared! She started her own Save-A-Pup fund to help fund vet bills and needs for the dogs at the shelter.

There were several meetings with the commissioners. We were led to believe that they would legally draw up a form, where we could all finally volunteer. They pretended to be willing to help, and work together with us.

I truly thought we were moving to a solution, there were companies that were volunteering their services, there were two rooms full of volunteers!!!

But NO they (the commissioner who we elected because we thought they would represent us and help us) chose to pass the baton. Now our Sheriff’s office is in charge of our dog shelter, they have dedicated a deputy to do this job. Doesn’t the Sheriff’s office already have enough to do?

My question to everyone, is why couldn’t we have worked on this together? What kept the commissioners from looking at these two rooms of people and saying- LETS DO THIS!!! LETS FIND A WAY TO WORK TOGETHER! LET’S MAKE A SHELTER THAT GENERATES MONEY! LET’S HELP THESE DOGS!

Julie Duffy


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