Dear Editor:

It is unfortunate that our Hocking County Commissioners have succumbed tot he fear mongering that has been circulated by members of the group — Hocking Stands United — (HSU) promoting the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement. There are numerous reasons the idea that our Constitution needs sanctuary status seems ludicrous at first and dangerous at worst.

The impression that there needs to be a sanctuary for the Second Amendment suggests that the promoters don't understand that the Constitution and its Amendments stand on their own merits. Laws are measured against these and any law is held valid or invalid by interpretation ultimately by our Supreme Court. Our elected leaders and people in uniform have all sworn an oath to uphold this already.

Here is the danger — we give sanctuary to people however, the people who promote this resolution for the Second Amendment bring this to us out of fear, promulgated on conspiracy theories and fabricated on lies circulated by anti-government militias that have been around since the 1980s and before.

These groups have grown even bolder, latching onto words like "deep state" and "fake news" in an effort to divide and confuse people. Do we give sanctuary to groups that take it upon themselves to decide what is constitutional? 

What do our Commissioners and Sheriff plan to do if there is a law passed that they don't like, or worse that HSU (and their promoters) don't like? Will they ignore the rest of the Constitution? Do we become a haven for these groups?

What is most disturbing about this resolution from our commissioners is their seeming complete lack of faith that it is our Constitution that gives all Americans sanctuary. These elected officials have made a grievous mistake that I hope voters will remember come time to decide who we want representing us.


Martin Hammar


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