Dear Editor,

I want to thank the editor and staff for working to get more local news to our citizens. I thank you for printing our letters. To us that is a big deal. We need to communicate with each other. No one should do our thinking for us.

My husband and I care for hospice patients who lack support. Recently we obtained hospice care through VITAS out of Dublin. They now serve our county. We have worked with other hospice providers but none who can top the treatment our friend, myself, and my husband received in our home.

It was far above anyone we have worked with the past five years. There are standards and then there are ways to provide above current standards. They rose above all of them. I wish to thank them. They gave me hope that there are still care providers who do the very best possible for the patient and family without being asked or pushed to do their job.

It would be good to have a story about them.

Thank you,

Jamie Riggs

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