Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Laurelville Fire Department and all of the surrounding fire departments; the sheriff’s office; minister Sheree Cole for the great service she did; Wellman’s Funeral Home; bagpipe player Tanner; and everyone involved in the funeral service for my twin brother, Larry “Jay” Garrett.

It was a touching and heartwarming funeral. Jay was on the fire department for 45 years. They retired his number at the Fireman’s Festival in June, and gave him his helmet, coat and plaque.

After the service they went uptown on the ladder truck with the flag over the street, past his house to his resting place at Pine Grove Cemetery.

There were fire trucks and sheriff’s cruisers on every corner and turn, and at the cemetery. They did an awesome job. For a small community it was great. Thanks to Butch and everyone involved in getting it together. Again, thanks guys and gals for the nice job well done. Tanner played the bagpipe and took him to his final home. Be proud, everyone!

Twin Letha “Kay” Garrett

South Bloomingville

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