There are better alternatives than illegal trash dumping

Dear Editor,

Once again someone has decided to use our secluded township road as their dumping ground. Sadly, this occurs all the time. If the individual would put forth the energy to dispose of their trash legally, they wouldn’t be forced to plan this deed under the cover of darkness in a completely illegal manner.

How sad! If they would have only realized in just two weeks the county would be holding a recycling event. Although the mattresses were unable to be recycled due to lying out in the rain for the past two weeks, the workers agreed to allow me to pay a small fee for their disposal. I applaud the effort these volunteers put forth to dispose of items at no cost to keep litter from our roadways.

If efforts are made, help can be found. Last year the same area was littered with chairs, couches, and other debris. Green Township trustees were contacted and agreed to allow this to be taken to their garage and dropped at no charge. Again, thank you! People think this is the township’s and county’s job to remove trash; it is not. The clean-up duty will sadly fall on the landowner or a concerned individual. So the next time you notice a vehicle going on a secluded road loaded with trash take time to snap a picture.

My hope is that illegal dumping stops or that one of my cameras will be able to get at least a partial picture of illegal dumping so it can be posted on social media and the sheriff’s department. If I can, don’t let it be you that your family, friends and co-workers are asking, “Is that really you? Wow!”

Tim Bookman


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