Dear Editor;

What is happening to our country? We had better wake up and see reality or we're going to lose it.

What is truly ironic is that the very thing the Democrats in Washington accused President Trump of is exactly what they are allowing to happen within their party. Of course the Russians have and still are trying to interfere with our elections, but President Trump was found entirely innocent and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party were found to have bought and falsified their charges.

Today, the Democratic party has been infiltrated and highly influenced by Marxist. This really got its start back in the 70s and 80s with the far left hippies and the weather underground movement. Ever since that time they have been working to undermine our country's form of government.

They call themselves the Democratic Socialist party — really communist with a small "c" as Bill Ayers says. Their main goal is to do away with our capitalistic free market economy.

They have infiltrated our education systems, the media, bought elections, and installed their far left candidates in both our large cities and national government.

The Black Lives Movement is being led by three weather underground women who have been training since the 60s to organize revolution. Antifa is part of this also.

Beside the far left's agenda of reducing our military, border patrol, and police; doing away with frack drilling (which makes us free of Middle Eastern's oil plus lowers our gasoline, electric and gas bills) increasing regulations on businesses, raising taxes and much more, the one main thing I'm most concerned about is their wanting to open borders and free medical for all illegals.

If that succeeds, we will no longer be the USA we have known. Our country will be flooded by so many illegals that our economy will collapse. The the Marxist will take over.

In order to increase their voter numbers, the Democrats have "let the fox into the hen house." It is no longer the same part of President Kennedy. The only way to save us from these extreme leftists is to vote Republican.

Please share this with others. We need all the loyal American votes we can get.

Roberta L. Morgan


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