Dear Editor,

Well it has happened again this morning. Water was shut off around 8:30 on Glenwood Drive and who knows where else. AND ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE!!

What is wrong with the customer service people in Logan Ohio? Would it be too much to notify people when these “planned” outages are going to occur? A little planning would help people prepare.

We seem to spend a lot of time on small things around town but totally forget that disruptions like this leave a lot of people wondering what our tax dollars are actually paying for around town.

Our roads are in terrible condition because someone in town feels that a little limestone in the area that used to be asphalt will do the trick or a little bit of cold patch thrown into a damp hole in the road will last longer than the end of the week before being pounded back out.

Has anyone come up Warner Avenue lately and endured the perpetual pothole mine field at the top of the hill? Maybe everyone who gets a bent rim or a flat tire because of all this should submit a bill to the city.

The only good thing going on right now is we have a mayor who is holding the line on not allowing a marijuana dispensing station in our town. We complain about people being in accidents under the influence but then turn a blind eye?

Neil Hinton


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