LOGAN — The arts were very much alive at Logan High School (LHS) on Sunday, Oct. 14th for the inaugural — An Afternoon with the Fine Arts — event, in conjunction with the LHS Fall Choir Concert.

Creativity could be seen or heard everywhere, and in a multitude of forms. The new event, honoring all Logan-Hocking School District (LHSD) arts, was very well received by families and community members who arrived to see student artwork or performances, and to show their support of the district’s art program.

Many attendees expressed their appreciation of tying the two events together, finding it convenient to view the exhibit, then head into the theatre to hear the vocal magic created by the LHS Choirs.

“An Afternoon with the Fine Arts and the LHS Fall Choir concert were a great success. It was amazing to see so much of the good we have going on in our district, collaborating to make this event happen! We plan to hold more events like this one, only they will feature even more of our fantastic programs, K-12,” was how LHS Director of Choirs, John McClain, summarized the day.

As guests arrived at the main lobby, there was no time wasted embracing the arts, as they were immediately welcomed by the LHS Stadium Band, directed by LHS junior, Jacob Thompson. This feature proved to be a favorite stopping point for many, as the energy the band members exuded was magnetic.

Folks could be seen bouncing to the beat, while children stood in awe, embracing the musical notes coming from each instrument. The LHSD band program is under the direction of Pam Price, and Assistant Band Directors Jennifer Olis and Ben Wright.

The hallways were lined with tables and easels, showcasing one of a kind pieces of artwork, from pottery, to paintings and drawings. LHS Art Instructors Megan Anzalone and Jeremy McAfee chose artwork from each of the Art 3 Advanced students. The works were inspired by an assignment in which students created a portrait that captured their artistic personality in oil pastel.

McAfee explained, “Each advanced placement art student was tasked with choosing a selection of work from their portfolio for display. Additionally, the students created a brief art biography describing their relationship with art.”

By the end of their senior year, each AP student must have a college level portfolio with a minimum of 24 pieces. The work is scored by the College Board and if scored at a 3, 4, or 5, college credit is received.

McAfee excitedly stated, “We are blessed to have these amazingly talented students in the Logan-Hocking School District! These young people are impressive and I’m so glad that they have the support of our community and school district to display their talents.”

The Logan-Hocking Middle School art teachers, Heather Hacker, Roxanna Lehman, and Suzanne Oldham, chose a variety of past and present student work to showcase during the afternoon. The display included drawing, painting, watercolor, sculpture, and mixed media. Additionally, they prepared a wonderful powerpoint video of artwork, which could be viewed on televisions throughout LHS.

The theatre lobby offered seating for guests to enjoy an array of musical and theatrical talent, ranging from vocal solos, to acoustic guitar selections and special monologues performed by LHS theatre instructor, Shelly Riggs’ students.

Attendees could also visit the lecture hall, designated for LHS Technology Education Teacher Matt Stone’s, TV-2 Broadcasting program and Riggs’ Video and Film Production class. A large screen projected students’ work from both classes.

According to Stone, “Broadcasting 2 (TV-2) is a yearlong class, which includes creating a professional weekly show, called the Chieftain Report — school announcements, news weather, sports, as well as PSA’s and news stories, created by his Broadcasting 1 students.”

Chieftain Reports are made available to the public, as another platform for the school community to stay connected to LHS. Stone’s class also gives the students the opportunity to attend after school events, such as choir, band, theatre and various athletic events to film and record, similar to a live televised event.

Snacks were professionally served by National Honor Society and National Art Society students. The district partnered with local businesses to surprise guests with light refreshments and beverages. Food was provided by Hocking Hills Golf Club, with owners Kim and Chris Lanning generously donating their time to train the student volunteers to load trays and serve.

The O’Willerker’s Cafe assorted beverage station was a favorite of all, as owner Teresa Lammers also volunteered her time to work with the students. Student servers offered delicious O’Willerker’s sweets, combined with the baking talent of Carolyne Nihiser, who made delicious cookies.

One of the main ideas behind the new art event was to demonstrate continuity of the arts. Younger students and parents were given the opportunity to see which options lie ahead for them in the arts. While a number of art exhibits are scheduled, throughout the year, in various locations, like The Bowen House, it was important to the administration to create an event which would bring grade levels together, in one place, providing a showcase for students and families, who may otherwise, not be fully aware of the potential of the program and all the available programming.

Superintendent Monte Bainter felt this goal was not only accomplished, but he expressed, “Overall, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the afternoon unfolded. I was thoroughly impressed by the effort that went into planning the event and the way the staff, students, families and community came together to show support.

“I was very proud of our student volunteers who conducted themselves so professionally and was truly blown away by all the talent our students have. Seeing and hearing it all in one place really made an impact on me. I look forward to expanding to include our elementaries, in the future. All our art kids deserve to be honored.”

An Afternoon with the Fine Arts seamlessly transitioned into the annual LHS Fall Choir Concert. The combined choirs, Chamber Singers, and 328 Pop A Cappella choir, were all featured.

McClain stated, “Centered around our theme for the year, “With Open Hearts,” we opened the hearts of our audience to our ideas of acceptance, love, and compassion for humanity, through the music we presented. It was my goal that our audience left on Sunday with a renewed hope and positive mentality, regarding the young people who are our future.”

During the concert, Bainter was invited to the stage and thanked the Fine Arts staff in the district, and also expressed his gratitude for having a Board of Education who supports the Fine Arts. He thanked the local businesses for their partnerships on the event: Kim and Chris Lanning, Hocking Hills Golf Course; Teresa Lammers, O’Willerker’s Cafe and Carol Mackey and Bruce Bowens, Piano Works and CMC Realty.

Bainter ended by sharing a special announcement, stating the formation of the LHSD Fine Arts Hall of Fame is in the preliminary stages. Criteria and a nomination process will be established, with an unveiling in the Spring of 2019.

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