Logan High School Principal Courtney Spatar

Logan High School Principal Courtney Spatar

LOGAN — Former Continuous Improvement Specialist for Logan High School, Courtney Spatar, has been named principal of the high school.

Spatar replaces Ken Dille, who is now the principal at Hocking Hills Elementary School.

Entering this new position, Spatar plans to be a leader with a student centered approach.

“As a leader, I aim to support teachers so that they can have clear paths to teach our students,” Spatar said. “When making decisions, I continuously evaluate the impact on the students. I lead by being hands-on with staff and students. I get energy from being in classrooms, learning with students and seeking their ideas and leadership for our building.”

Spatar began her career as an intervention specialist in 1996 and worked as an intervention specialist at the elementary and middle school levels in the Logan-Hocking School District (LHSD).

She also taught special needs children in the middle and elementary schools and in 2013, became principal of grades five and six at Logan-Hocking Middle School.

Her role as continuous improvement specialist at the high school required her to dig deeply into the curriculum, culture, teaching styles and learning needs of students, which she feels will benefit her as the high school principal.

Even with her background and skill set, Spatar knows there will still be challenges she has to face and issues she will need to resolve.

“One of our greatest challenges is the ever-changing graduation requirements for our students,” Spatar stated. “Ensuring that every student is on a pathway to graduation is a challenge — but one of our most important challenges. The high school is also in school improvement. Change is difficult, but also rewarding when we see the benefits of our hard work.”

Some of the hard work and change Spatar speaks about will relate to new policies and procedures she would like to implement, while building upon programs that have worked in the past.

Last year, Spatar helped start a focus group at the high school that collaborates on changing different procedures such as the style for the Open House, which was designed by a team of teachers, while another group of teachers planned the activities for the first two days of school.

“It is rewarding to see the collaboration of teachers become a reality,” Spatar added. “Throughout the summer, students have begun discussing leadership opportunities and activities they would like to begin at the high school. Clearing the path for students to lead is always a priority for me.”

As principal this year, Spatar is most looking forward to being around students more than she has been in her current position. She mentioned how much she enjoys being in the classroom with students, talking about what they’re learning, building relationships with students, and creating opportunities for students to share their learning as well as their interests beyond the classroom.

“I am looking forward to being immersed with our student population again. My role last year did not involve as much student interaction as my past positions. I missed working with students. I am also looking forward to continuing the initiatives we began last year as a staff. Our teachers worked hard and I am looking forward to continuing that work with them,” she concluded.

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