Dear Logan-Hocking Middle School Students:

Wow, what a week! We already miss seeing your smiling faces! A lot is changing daily and it feels a bit overwhelming. We want to make sure that you are all doing well in this time of uncertainty and have the resources that you will need.

You are going to be away from school for a while, so it will be important to keep a routine while you are at home. The goal of canceling school is to create some distance between people, but that does not mean you have to close yourself off from staying connected. Please see the tips that we think will be helpful during the next few weeks.

Stay connected. It will be crucial to socially distance ourselves right now physically. What you can do is have real phone conversations, write letters/cards/emails, play board games with family, spend time with your pets and reach out to friends and loved ones via Facetime or other video platforms.

Keep in contact with outside providers and try to keep appointments for mental health treatment. Ask if your providers can do a “telehealth” or zoom video conference with you.

Be mindful of media intake; temporarily limit exposure to sources that increase anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear and anger. Stick to content that helps you feel hopeful, happy, calm, connected, inspired, and uplifted. Check out the APPs from the picture that can be downloaded to your devices.

Set a schedule or routine daily. Build in time to read emails from teachers, do some school work, exercise (Youtube has some great — free — workouts). Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sunlight and fresh air can be extremely therapeutic.

Have a place in your house that will be your regular homework space. This may help you feel some semblance of going to school. Organize your day.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious try using some health coping skills; such as breathing, drawing, coloring, journaling, reading a good book, watching a feel good movie, exercising, going for a walk or calling a friend.

Adjustments can be difficult. We look forward to hearing from you all, even if it’s a quick email to say hello. Let us know how you are spending your time or if you have any questions.

We are around and will be working. If you need anything, please reach out. Email is the best way to reach us right now. Attached is a list of mental health counseling resources in the community if you need support during this time.

Additional Mental Health Resources can be found at the following link:

We hope to hear from you soon!

Submitted by Guidance Counselors Mr. Collins and Ms. Norway

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