LOGAN — Nothing quite says “holiday season” like a winter concert of some kind, and the Logan High School Choir program is more than happy to oblige. On both Saturday and Sunday this upcoming weekend, the choir will host its fourth Winter Festival in the Logan High School theatre.

Building on a tradition that began in 2015, all six of the LHS Choirs will perform alongside community members and choir alumni, as well as a full, professional orchestra.

“After the Winter Festival has concluded the past three years, and upon reflection with the students, we have agreed that we work so hard to put this experience — in every sense of the word — together, just doing it once left us wanting more! With our two performances this weekend, you have options,” said John McClain, LHS Director of Choirs.

“We have worked to create an annual event that is becoming a holiday tradition not just for our students and their parents, but for our entire community,” he added.

McClain further explained that the concert and the concept for the Winter Festival has been drawn from his own experiences while studying at Capital University, as well as the year-long concert theme that is the focus for all of the music selected and the goal to “cultivate student character growth.”

This year, the choirs will tell a story through music that will include choreographed stage movement, professional lighting and sound, musical interludes and even indoor snow. There will also be a level of audience participation to help bring the experience to life.

“Through our theme ‘With Open Hearts,’ we hope that the audience will hear our acceptance and tolerance-centered story and be changed. I want the students to see that happen; I want them to see the fruits of their hard work, and more so, I want them to see our audiences be changed by the message they present,” commented McClain.

To create a complete experience for audience-goers, and to save time, the story will be told without interruption or applause until the very end.

Tickets for the concert are general admission and will be sold 45 minutes before each show. Doors to the theatre will open approximately 30 minutes before the concert.

“We have such talented students right here in our small town,” McClain said. “We need the community to experience this!”

Concerts will take place in the LHS Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 9 at 3:30 p.m.

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