LOGAN — Logan residents have been reporting multiple vehicle break-ins and thefts since late last week. The Logan Police Department (LPD) has calls and reports from the Dicken addition area on the east side of Logan.

The addresses specifically reported have been Ohio Avenue, Vine Street, Depot Street and East Main Street. Three actual reports have been made, but several calls have come in, according to Brianna Doerr, Police Department clerk.

Items reported missing include various types of tools, a tool bag, electronics, cigarettes, and cash. The cars have mainly been unlocked.

One reported suspect was wearing black bottoms, a black hoodie and red shorts, according to a witness who attempted to chase the suspect once he saw him breaking into his aunt’s car. Upon surprise of being seen, the suspect took off running north toward East Hunter Street, according to the LPD report.

Doerr shared, “I know that all shifts have been made aware. They are patrolling the areas.”

With increased attention, one officer noticed a light on in a car overnight, but no suspicious activity in the area.

The community is encouraged to be on the lookout in the evening and overnight hours and to report any unusual activity immediately to the police department. They are also encouraged to report a break-in, even if nothing is missing.

“Our recommendation is of course to lock your cars. It’s an excellent deterrent because they are usually looking for a fast, clean entry,” Doerr advised.

The Logan Police Department can be contacted at 740-385-6866.

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