Municipal Court note: “Waived” means that defendant chose not to contest the citation, admitted responsibility and paid the ticket. “Dismissed” means that the charges are dropped, almost always at the request of the prosecutor with good cause shown. “Bound over” means that the court has found sufficient cause to hold the defendant on bond or in jail until the case is presented to the grand jury. “Diversion” means that prosecutor has chosen to allow defendant to be under supervision of the probation department without suffering a conviction. Defendant is also ordered to pay a fee, do community service and meet other goals. “Nolle prosequi” is a declaration made by a prosecutor before or during trial, meaning the case is being dropped. The declaration may be made because charges cannot be proved, evidence has demonstrated either innocence or a fatal flaw in the prosecution’s claim, or the prosecutor no longer thinks the accused is guilty, and/or the accused has died. It is generally made after indictment, but is not a guarantee the person will not be re-indicted.

Monday, June 17

Jacob L. Miller, criminal damaging, guilty, $100 fine, $201 court costs; two years reporting probation; Vivitrol Court; chemical/mental assessment; no drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia.

Kristen N. Hall, attempted possession of drugs, guilty, $100 fine, $161 court costs; two years reporting probation; drug court; chemical assessment; no alcohol, drugs, or paraphernalia.

Jacob L. Miller, leaving the scene of an accident, guilty, $250 fine, $134 court costs; two years of reporting probation; Vivitrol Court; no drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia; no driving unless legal/valid/privilege; mental/chemical assessment.

Tuesday, June 18

John D. Miller Jr., disorderly conduct, guilty, $150 fine, $221 court costs; one year non-reporting probation; remain law-abiding.

Editor’s note: In addition, there were 23 cases dismissed from June 12 through June 18; 1 case bound over for Grand Jury indictments; 14 miscellaneous cases; and 52 minor traffic violations.

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