Judge Jonah Saving

Marriage Licenses

Wednesday, June 19

Matthew D. Ball, 26, of South Bloomingville to Kelsey Jo Lynn Reno, 26, of Laurelville.

Thursday, June 20

James C. Bracewell, 60, to Deanna Sanders Taylor, 55, both of Troy, Michigan.

Jeffrey W. Ogg, 54, to Karen D. Marchand, 59, both of Logan.

Thaddeus M. Popovitch, 45, to Cheryl L. Curry, 51, both of Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Friday, June 21

Andrew S. Daubenmire, 31, to Michelle N. Housh, 31, both of New Plymouth.

Edward J. Schein, 39, to Loretta J. Corbell, 40, both of Logan.

Justin W. Hunter, 34, to Stacie M. Gross, 34, both of Logan.

Monday, June 24

James L. Speakman, 50, to Sonya L. Henry, 48, both of Logan.

Judge Jonah Saving


Decedent Robert Stidham; fiduciary Laura Stidham.

Decedent Jack W. Lynch; fiduciary Judy Lynch.

Decedent Homer D. Carrel; fiduciary Thelma M. Carrel.

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