Judge Jonah Saving

Marriage Licenses

Monday, March 16

• Andre Michael Frizzell, 41, to Mylaya Michelle Weltzheimer, 47, both of Logan.

• Mark Anthony Wolfe, 61, to Jan Louise Fauble, 62, both of Logan.

Friday, March 20

• Harley Dean Smith, 28, to Erin Marie Brooks, 33, both of Logan.

Monday, March 23

• Anthony Jun Walsh, 24, Reynoldsburg, to Ambir Marcelle Myers, 23, Rockbridge.

Monday, April 6

• William Junior Barnett II, 36, to Janet Dionson Velasques, 35, both of Rockbridge.

Thursday, April 9

• William David Brooks, 23, to Storee Jaide Smith, 23, both of Logan.

Friday, April 10

• Marc Tryston Hunter, 23, Logan, to Rheanna Noelle Daniel, 20, Athens.

Friday, April 17

• Stephen Travis Wilcox, 20, to Brittany Ann Nihiser, 28, both of Rockbridge.

Thursday, April 23

• Benjamin Joel Avery, 42, to Catherine Nicole Schmitzer, 29, both of Logan.

Monday, April 27

• Benjamin Perry Kempton, 25, to Hannah Belle Abbott, 24, both of Logan.

Friday, May 1

• Tad Richard Milbaugh, 42, to Alysen Suzanne Triplett, 51, both of Rockbridge.

• Drake Russell Hamilton, 24, to Brittany Dawn Gillespie, 22, both of Logan.

Monday, May 4

• Heath Richard Tucker, 31, to Amanda Sue Plotts, 34, both of Amanda.

Friday, May 8

• Travis Scott DeWitt, 27, to Emily Marie Kinneer, 27, both of Laurelville.

• Aaron Morgan Walker, 25, to Kaleigh Nichole Klages, 25, both of Dallas, West Virginia.

Friday, May 15

• Justin Glenn Johnson, 29, to Tiffany Bryan Johnson, 32, both of South Bloomingville.

• Andrew Kyle Church, 28, to Mariah Hope Martin, 25, both of Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

Tuesday, May 19

• Heath Eugene Eveland, 44, to Catherine Sue Friebis, 56, both of South Bloomingville.

Wednesday, May 20

• Samuel Andrew Angle, 27, to Megan Lynn Bishop, 25, both of Logan.

Thursday, May 21

• Brian Edward Smith, 51, to Mendy Renee Forrest, 47, both of Rockbridge.

Friday, May 22

• Michael Eugene Amnah, 59, to Tracy Renee Neu, 52, both of Logan.

Tuesday, May 26

• Luke Wesly Kemper, 24, to Autumn Michele Lawless, 23, both of Logan.

Wednesday, May 27

• Samuel Joseph Shaben, 23, to Laci Marie Stivison, 24, both of New Plymouth.

Monday, June 1

• Jacob Allen Rabon, 27, to Lauryn Rose Keck, 25, both of Logan.

• Matthew James Cochran, 30, Moon Township, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Anne Flournoy, 22, Laurelville.

Tuesday, June 2

• Marvin Leslie Miller, 47, Chillicothe, to Jeannie Adrienne Noteston, 50, Nelsonville.

• Justin Brian Seckman, 28, to Savannah Nadine Halverson, 27, both of Vienna, West Virginia.

• Leo Edward Kunkler, 84, to Barbara Jean Osborne, 75, both of Logan.

Thursday, June 4

• Gary Joseph Miller, 42, to Jennifer Kaitlyn Reed, 27, both of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

• Brian David Coulardot, 23, to Cheyanne Lee Higgins, 22, both of Logan.

• Victor Edward Lape, 50, to Paula Anne Decker, 53, both of Logan.

Monday, June 8

• Daniel Lee Patterson, 46, to Jessica Lynne Sword, 40, both of Brooklyn, Michigan.

Wednesday, June 10

• Michael Owen Croft, 39, to Mindy Lynn Thomas, 26, both of Logan.

Thursday, June 11

• Dillon Scott Hardesty, 28, to Kirsten Marie Frasure, 23, both of Logan.

Monday, June 15

• Joshua Adam Freireich, 24, to Kristie Lee Allberry, 42, both of Logan.

Friday, June 19

• Brian Kyle McClure, 35, to Abigail Claire Mast, 32, both of Chicago, Illinois.

Tuesday, June 23

• Tyler Michael Lowery, 34, to Candice Dawn Cook, 31, both of Nelsonville.

• Kevin David Wirsch, 45, to Aimee Leigh Clark, 45, both of Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Wednesday, June 24

• Shawn Kyle Bailey, 44, New Plymouth, to Lori Lynn Anderson, 38, South Bloomingville.

Friday, June 26

• James David Starcher, 62, to Marty Jean Wood, 55, both of North Port, Florida.

• Marcus Blaine Allen, 30, to Ashley Nicole Kehr, 28, both of Moundsville, West Virginia.

• Caleb Brandon Coleman, 21, to Jayme Anne Knisely, 19, both of Logan.

• Thomas Eugene Russell Shawgo, 49, to Katina Renee Drayer, 45, both of Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, June 30

• Daniel Floyd Bauman Jr., 48, to Ina Lynn Saunders, 61, both of Logan.

• Rodney Lee Weaver, 61, to Ina Lynn Saunders, 61, both of Logan.

• Kyle Christopher Boyd, 22, to Taylor Autumn Woodyard, 22, both of Logan.

• David Kyle Roush, 31, to Brandy Lee Blosser, 23, both of Logan.

Wednesday, July 1

• Charles Allen McCoy, Sr., 64, to Angelika Ingeborg McCoy, 65, both of Amanda.

Judge Jonah Saving


• Decedent Ira W. Kline; fiduciary Christopher L. Kline.

• Decedent Ronald J. Berry; fiduciary Martha A. Rardain.

• Decedent Thelma A. Adair; fiduciary Alan Adair Jr.

• Decedent Jerry Jay Hutchison; fiduciary Marjorie I. Hutchison.

• Decedent David Maze; fiduciary Jarvis L. Sandi.

• Decedent Sharon A. Sigler; fiduciary Troy Sigler.

• Decedent Richard L. Sigler; fiduciary Troy Sigler.

• Decedent Ruth Ann Berry; fiduciary Martha A Rardain.

• Decedent Thelma M. Elkins; fiduciary June A. Van Curen.

• Decedent Daniel Lee Brooks; fiduciary Richard D. Brooks.

• Decedent Thomas F. Hettinger; fiduciary Jimmie L. Hettinger.

• Decedent George W. Meadows; fiduciary Douglas L. Meadows.

• Decedent Betty Jane Bergunzi; fiduciary Frank Bergunzi Sr.

• Decedent Barry A. Metzler; fiduciary Stacie L. Crandall.

• Decedent Opal Delight Coe; fiduciary William D. Coe.

• Decedent Walter Francis Saving; fiduciary Susan Terry.

• Decedent Hulda M. Danner; fiduciary Teresa Tipton.

• Decedent Barbara J. Carrel; fiduciary Alena J. Wotring.

• Decedent Kevin M. Nutter; fiduciary Carey Glenn.

• Decedent Donna L. Stamper; fiduciary Amber Hatem.

• Decedent Christopher J. Good; fiduciary Debra Good.

• Decedent Richard Wayne Losey; fiduciary Regina Sue Losey.

• Decedent Deborah J. Mohney; fiduciary Pamela G. Welch.

• Decedent Sharon D. Crawford; fiduciary James A. Crawford.

• Decedent Gary R. Smith; fiduciary Judy A. Smith.

• Decedent Wilma Jean Newton; fiduciary Jody Nice.

• Decedent Paul E. Davis; fiduciary Randall L. Davis.

• Decedent Larry Hansel Hines; fiduciary Iva Vangundy.

• Decedent Doris J. Klinger; fiduciary Jacqueline L. Blosser.

• Decedent Zella M. Hatch; fiduciary Carolyn N. Rutter.

• Decedent Helen Augusta Meyer; fiduciary Robert Sterling.

• Decedent Larry G. Evans; fiduciary Daniel W. Evans.

• Decedent Thomas Watson Fitch; fiduciary Janet Lee Mullett.

• Decedent Barbara Johnston; fiduciary Ryan Johnston.

• Decedent Kathryn L. Bode; fiduciary Edith K. Bode.

• Decedent David S. Taylor; fiduciary Catherine D. Taylor.

• Decedent Joyce B. Kline; fiduciary Chana Powell.

• Decedent Barbara K. Hall; fiduciary Marianna Fetty.

• Decedent Charles William Redick; fiduciary Karen Walker.

• Decedent Joseph Marcus Link III; fiduciary Damon Smith.

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