ATHENS — Cody Layne Prater, 21, of Reynoldsburg, appeared before Judge Patrick J. Lang on July 23, for sentencing on a conviction of seven counts of pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor, felonies of the second degree.

After hearing sentencing arguments from the State, as well as counsel for Prater, Judge Lang sentenced Prater to a total prison term of four years. Upon release from prison, Prater will be subject to five years of mandatory post-release control as well as Tier II sex offender registration, which requires in-person verification every 180 days 25 years.

Prosecutor Keller J. Blackburn states that, “This case was referred to the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Violence Crimes Task Force after it was discovered that Prater had been storing files of child pornography in a Dropbox account.

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