Terry L. and Barbara J. Dountz to John L. and Ida M. Kennedy Jr., $158,000.

Tanner A. and Tammy J. Meyer to Ashley R. and Jacob McGuire, Lot 2, gift.

Daniel L. Campbell to Michael r. and Kaitlin E. Angle, $140,000.

Richard E. Barber to Richard E. and Judy R. Barber, Lot 12, to or from a person when no money or other valuable and tangible consideration readily convertible into money is paid or to be paid.

Dustin L. and Amanda J. Harper to Douglas Dillon, Lot 6, $164,000.

Kevin E. and Polly J. Myers to Matthew and Anna Foreman, $360,000.

Nathan A. and Tamara S. Edwards to Dustin L. and Amanda J. Harper, Lot 11, Meadowbrook, $247,500.

Elijah P. and Courtney J. Williams to Bryan M. and Cassandra L. Johnson, Lot 307 and 308, $159,900.

Emily K. Kline to Sydney K. Kilbarger, Lot 1407 Glenview Heights, $162,000.

Holiday Industries Inc. to Steven W. McLaughlin, Lot 135, $171,000.

Ron and Charlene Schaffner to Charlene Schaffner, Lot 4, to an heir or devisee.

Paul C. Morrison Trustee to Donald P. Trentel, to the grantor of a trust by a trustee of the trust.

Dale F. and Tami J. Markin to Amy and Timothy Williams, Lot 8, Marfield Subdivision, $135,000.

Douglas A. and Susan D. Alt to Douglas and Susan Alt Trustees, Lot 3, 4 and 16, Buena Vista View Phase II, gift.

Eustice L. and Donna J. Gothard to Eustice L. Gothard, Lot 1, Ilesboro, to an heir or devisee.

Thomas E. and Rebecca Steenrod to Rebecca Steenrod, Lots 125, 126, 127, 128, Carbon Hill, to an heir or devisee.

Ian Isham to Johnathan Buchman, Lot 1379, $99,900.

Tim and Lynnette Blair to Cody Clark, Lot 230, $125,900.

Leon Keiffer to Randy P. and Carolyn S. Dennis, $42,188.

Gerald A. and Graham B. Stevens to Brenda S. Graham, to an heir or devisee.

Sylvia C. Rider to Frederick D. and Carol M. Huffman, Lot 154, $30,000.

William R. and Marilyn R. Bowers to Jeffery M. Jenkins, Lot 7, $79,000.

Edith Mae Rutter to Karolyn R. Kunz, Lot 54, Bowers 7th, to an heir or devisee.

Carl Smith to Aaron M. and Kali J. Mason, Lot 11, $5,200.

Aaron M. Mason and Kali Stivison to Aaron M. and Kali J. Mason, Lot 11, gift.

James P. King to Michael T. and Julie Wolf, Lot 65, Hide-A-Way Hills, $145,000.

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