Ewing Grange

From left is Ewing Grange Master Carolyn Kienzle; Diana Nordquest State Lecturer; and Stephanie Blackford Ewing Lecturer.

LOGAN — A combined sewing, art and photography contest entries was held at the Scenic Hills Senior Center on Aug. 13 at 4:30 with Ewing and Hocking granges.

Ohio State grange lecturer, Diana Nordquest was the guest judge for the Ewing and Hocking members entries. The judging for each grange was conducted and from the first place winners from each grange the County winners were selected. These first place winners will advance to the State contest in October at the Ohio State grange convention.

A potluck at 6:30 was enjoyed with approximately thirty members for both granges. Asa Houchin offered the blessing before the meal. The placed winners from both granges and county winners were announced by Master Carolyn Kienzle. Nordquest presented an hour long program titled Summer.

A warmup game with each member responding to their favorite fair food. Two teams were formed and asked questions about summer activities and with correct answers a human bingo game was played. The state lecturer’s program was enjoyed by all.

Nordquest thanked all members for their entries and to look for the September-October 2019 grange magazine in the mail for the annual family activities entries for 2020 year. Should the reader of this article be interested in joining or learning more about the county granges, contact Carolyn Kienzle, County Deputy for information at 740-569-7838.

Below is the Ewing and Hocking Grange winner and the first place county winners which will compete in the state contest in October.

Ewing Grange winners:

Nifty Needles

Afghan — first Karen Cottrill

Baby Afghan — first Karen Cottrill

Something to wear — first Karen Cottrill

Embroidery — first Jenny Houchin

Counted cross stitch — first Jenny Houchin

Stitch in time — first Jenny Houchin, second Stephanie Blackford and third Carolyn Kienzle

Home coasters — first-Stephanie Blackford, second Ryan Patton, third CrystalPatton and fourth Chance Miller

Art class-scene — first Chance Miller

Abstract — first Chance Miller

Animal art — first Crystal Patton, second Ryan Patton and third Chance Miller

People art — first Chance Miller

Computed generated art — first Chance Miller

Photography contest-scenery — first Ryan Patton, second Crystal Patton and third Karen Cottrill

People — first Stephanie Blackford, second Crystal Patton, and third Ryan Patton

Ohio my home — first Crystal Patton, second Ryan Patton and third Carolyn Kienzle

Animal — first Ryan Patton, second Karen Cottrill and third Crystal Patton

Selfie — first Ryan Patton, second Stephanie Blackford and third Karen Cottrill

Outdoor fun — first Carolyn Kienzle, second Stephanie Blackford and third Joe Blackford

Scenery non member — first Stacie Myers and second Chris Myers.

Hocking Grange winners:

Nifty Needles

Embroidery — first Amy Taulbee

Counted cross stitch — first Sharon Michel

Home-coasters —first Sharon Michel

Photography contest-scenery — first-Hannah Taulbee, second-Youmi Michel and third Troy Michel

People — first-Troy Michel

Ohio my home — first-Sharon Michel and second Troy Michel

Animal — first Troy Michel and second Youmi Michel

Selfie — first Troy Michel and second Youmi Michel

Non member scenery — first Ed Lane and second Randy Klinger

Art-scene — first Jim Kalklosch

Abstract — first Jim Kalklosch

Animal art — first Jim Kalkosch

County Winners:

Afghan — Karen Cottrill

Baby Afghan — Karen Cottrill

Something to Wear — Karen Cottrill

Embroidery — Amy Taulbee

Counted cross stitch — Jenny Houchin

Home-Coasters — Stephanie Blackford

Stitch in time — Jenny Houchin

Art-scene — Jim Kalklosch

Abstract — Chance Miller

Animal — Crystal Patton

People — Chance Miller

Computer Generated Art — Chance Miller

Photography contest

Scenery — Hannah Taulbee

People — Stephanie Blackford

Ohio my home — Sharon Michel

Animal — Ryan Patton

Selfie — Troy Michel

Outdoor fund — Carolyn Kienzle

Non-member scenery — Ed Lane

Submitted by Karen Cottrill

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