LOGAN — The Hocking County Information Technology Director Mark Stout presented an overview of a computer security training course that he asked to implement with Hocking County Courthouse staff over the next few months.

During the Hocking County Commissioner’s meeting on Tuesday, Stout explained the importance of having a trained staff.

A 45-minute course for each employee could save thousands, even millions of dollars in clean-up efforts if there were to ever be a “ransomware attack,” or any given number of data breaches of public information.

He pointed out that the amount of information that goes through the courthouse daily, could be at risk of being stolen if even the smallest of mistakes is made, like not frequently changing passwords.

A plan was discussed as to how there will be no cost to the county as they will be using “in-house knowledge,” according to Commissioner Sandra Ogle.

“We can train at multiple locations and mix the employees so we don’t close down any of the departments,” commented Stout.

Stout also requested that he be able to provide a similar training on scammers, but for the Hocking County Scenic Hills Senior Center with the intent of sharing information that can help seniors avoid falling victim to common scams that take money from unsuspecting people.

The Commissioners were in complete agreement that these are very much needed areas of training.

Also on the agenda, the Commissioners heard bids from two companies for a paving project. A decision will be made at the upcoming meeting on Thursday after the proposals are reviewed. Both quotes were over $590,000.

The Hocking County Board of Developmental Disabilities representatives entered into executive session with the Commissioners to discuss land acquisition. No action took place after rejoining regular session.

It was brought up by Commissioner Ogle that there was once again, a request for an automatic sliding door to be placed at the Hocking County Veteran’s Services Commission. She explained that this has been an item that has been talked about for quite awhile.

There was an original estimate of about $20,000 to replace the existing door with the sliding door and that was a cost that didn’t fit into the budget.

This request is with the intent to use the county maintenance supervisor, for a portion of the work, lowering the cost to about $10,000. Discussion among the Commissioners took place with regard to the current budget, the need for the door for safety and ease of access purposes.

They approved a motion that will begin the process for a new door.

Finally, the Commissioners agreed that there would be no facility-use charge for a group who was sponsoring the Smart Recovery program, a scientifically based effort, to help families deal with and end any type of addiction.

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