Jack Pine Pumpkins

These glass pumpkins are a small sample of what will be on display and for sale later this month

LAURELVILLE — A new, creative glass pumpkin sale taking place this fall is Jack Pine’s Socially-Distant Glass Pumpkin Patch in the Hocking Hills. A traditional pumpkin patch will be featured, but with beautiful glass-blown pumpkins instead of traditional gourds.

Giant pumpkin carving and glassblowing demonstrations, along with an artist’s market and delicious pumpkin food will be available. The creative Glass Pumpkin Patch is Oct. 22 to 25 at Jack Pine Studio in the beautiful Hocking Hills, and is a great way to celebrate the changing colors in the great outdoors.

The special sale includes intricately designed glass pumpkins that are glass-blown and placed within bales of hay, just like regular pumpkins in a traditional pumpkin patch.

“We wanted to create something new and fun and artistic,” said Jack Pine, studio owner. “We’ll have hundreds and hundreds of unique blown glass pumpkins of every color and size spread out on the lawn in front of the studio. It will be a sight to see!”

Pine forged his own glass-blowing techniques working in world-renowned glass houses in Seattle, and brought his craft back home to his roots in Southern Ohio, where he established his own studio.

The fine details of Pine’s pumpkins are created using specialized techniques that include a mixture of heat, air, and special metals to create vibrant colors, patterns and designs. Special tools shape and cool the design to create striking pumpkins that are uniquely Jack Pine.

A pandemic doesn’t stop artwork, and can even transform it into something more magnificent and creative, Pine said. “It’s a great time for visitors to get outside, experience fall colors the Hocking Hills is known for, choose a favorite glass pumpkin to remember the visit, and shop for Christmas gifts too.”

A world-renowned pumpkin carver will transform giant pumpkins into works of art. Glassblowing demonstrations will allow visitors to see beautiful hand-blown glass pumpkins created before their eyes.

“It’s an incredible sight to see,” said Pine. “Our socially-distant glass pumpkin patch will be accessible for four days to accommodate everyone who wants to see this sale,” said Pine. “Reservations should be made in advance to secure a two-hour time to visit.”

Pine and his staff are taking extra precautions to ensure a safe event for everyone. All health guidelines will be followed, which include mandatory masks and social distancing. Advance reservations should be made by visiting www.jackpinestudio.com.

An artist’s market on the spacious studio grounds will feature 10 high-quality craftsmen and women from around Ohio and the nation. Everything from beautiful birdhouses to fine Asian stoneware and pottery, metal sculptures, stained glass lanterns, and miniature glass figurines and animals will be available.

Pumpkin ice cream, donuts and rolls will be available to complete the sensory experience, along with food vendors with bourbon chicken, Texas tenderloin sandwiches, Amish noodles, funnel cakes, and more.

Book a two-hour reservation online by visiting www.jackpinestudio.com.

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