LOGAN — The local OSU Extension Office is hosting 4-H Day for Hocking County families to gather interest for the upcoming year’s projects, camps and more.

Joyce Shriner, the Extension Educator for 4-H Youth Development of Hocking County, mentioned she and her colleagues thought this was a wonderful way to introduce 4-H to families who have an interest, but don’t know much about the program.

“We will have 4-H club advisors present who can talk about the specific meeting dates, locations, the way their clubs function and we’ll be available to sign new members up for their clubs,” stated Shriner.

At 4-H Day on Feb. 23, from 10 a.m. until noon, they’ll also have current 4-H students with their projects from past years and camp counselors or teenage youth leaders to lead activities they typically do at 4-H camp during the summer.

The 4-H Expo was a similar event that was held previously, but Shriner noted it’s more of a day for discovery for all.

“We were trying to make it convenient for new families and those interested in joining 4-H to kind of do a one-stop-shop where they could come in and talk to numerous 4-H volunteers,” she added.

Shriner noted that they’ll also have project books available for families to preview, but if they can’t attend on Feb. 23, families and parents are welcome to stop by the extension office to preview the book as well.

There are well-over 200 projects to choose from and for those who don’t live in an area that permits livestock, there are projects for members in the city or suburb areas as well. Projects such as scrapbooking, Rockets Away — which is a part of the STEM program — cake decorating, communications, clothing and textile science.

All of the 4-H projects or programs have an educational tool associated with them. Youth in Hocking County, who are members of 4-H, are required to participate in judging for the skill-a-thon, which gives them interview practice with adults and can be helpful for future job interviews.

One after-school program that seemed to really take off in the past few years is the Cloverbud program for ages five, or kindergarten, through second grade. Volunteers help Cloverbud members with activities and educate the children about health, the earth, citizenship, plants, animals, personal development, creative arts and more.

The first session for Cloverbuds begins Jan. 17, but there will be six sessions total and families can call the program assistant at the extension office to sign up. All 4-H youth in the Cloverbud program must participate in four out of six sessions to be eligible for a free pass to the Hocking County Fair.

“I just really encourage them to come out because I think they will really be amazed at all that we offer — I would encourage them to come even if they don’t think they’re interested, just come and check it out,” shared Shriner.

The 4-H season gets really busy beginning in January and the extension office would like to have new 4-H families become a part of a club by early March because the deadline for club representatives to turn in their forms is March 29.

If for some reason 4-H Day is cancelled, such as for inclement weather, it will be rescheduled for March 2, from 10 a.m. until noon.

For more information, contact the OSU Extension Office at 740-385-3222.

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