COLUMBUS – A number of Hocking County 4-H youth were awarded Ohio State Fair delegate or alternate status. Ohio State Fair 4-H project delegates are selected based on the results of the 4-H Project Judging that happens in July of each year. Alternates are also selected, in the event that delegates are unable to participate at the Ohio State Fair.

The following youth were designated as Ohio State Fair delegates:

Isabelle Stowe, Clothing for Middle School; Kylie Arnett, Creative Costumes; Abby Cox, Sew Fun Jr; Julia Kitchen, Clothing for Your Career; Rylee Van Sickle, Get Started In Art Jr; Victoria Colliton, Get Started In Art Sr; Olivia Schrader, Scrapbooking Jr; Riley Jenkins, Scrapbooking Sr; Lynsi Huddy, Scrapbooking Sr (2+ yrs); Lauren Klingelhafer, Cake Decorating Beginner Jr; Lillian Stimmel, Cake Decorating Intermediate Jr; Julia Kitchen, Cake Decorating Intermediate Sr; Kinsey Myers, Climbing Up! (Cat 2); Kylie Arnett, Cavies (ages 13-18); Kylie Arnett, You & Your Dog (ages 14-18); Tristan McDaniel, Warm It Up; Trinity Rafferty, Snack Attack! Sr; Kennedy Kemper, Let’s Start Cooking Jr; Caitlyn Myers, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Sr; Adelyn Fouch, First Aid in Action Jr; Brenna Schluep, First Aid in Action Sr; Adrianna Stewart, Tracking Your Health and Fitness; Brenna Schluep, Make Over My Space Sr; Caitlyn Myers, The Laundry Project; Brenna Schluep, Star Spangled Foods; Kylie Arnett, Sports Nutrition; Abby Cox, Snack Attack Jr; Timothy Lehman, Welding; Elizabeth Atkins, Family History Treasure Hunt (Beg 1st yr only); Grace Atkins, Yeast Breads on the Rise; Caitlyn Myers, The Global Gourmet; Cooper Johnson, Fishing for the Intermediate; Katie Hatfield, Explore the Outdoors; Mira Burns, Why Trees Matter; Emalie Mayer, Ohio Birds 2nd yr; Katie Hatfield, How Does Your Garden Grow?; Lucas Johnson, Grow Your Own Vegetables; Brody Kittle, Canning and Freezing; William Cochran, Focus on Photography; Rozalin White, You Can Quilt Jr; Elizabeth Atkins, You Can Quilt Sr; Jayden Horvath, Rockets Away (2- Liter Bottle Rockets); Trinity Rafferty, Science Fun with Dairy Foods; Trace Holley, Young Engineers in Solar Energy; Trinity Rafferty, Self-Determined Project Sr; Kaylee Cox, Measuring Up Jr; Elizabeth Brown, Measuring Up Sr; Jackson Stimmel, Making the Cut; Zack McManaway, Nailing It Together; Kylie Arnett, Workforce Preparation Day; Kylie Arnett, Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Sr; Caitlyn Myers, Pantry Panic; Payton Rains, Shooting Sports-Rifle Jr; Teddy Pfarr, Shooting Sports-Rifle Sr; Colin Kittle, Basic Archery; Tristan McDaniel, Insect Adventures Level 3.

Ohio State Fair Alternates:

Abbie Conrad, Sew Fun Jr; Nova Gastin, Get Started In Art Jr; Chloe Chochran, Scrapbooking Jr; Rylei Burns, Scrapbooking Sr (2+ yrs); Taylor Stevens, Cake Decorating Beginner Jr; Rozalin White, Let’s Start Cooking Jr; Abby Cox, First Aid In Action Jr; Destiny Kienzle, Snack Attack! Jr; Eli Stimmel, Welding; Kinsey Myers, Yeast Breads on the Rise; Zachary Miller, Ohio Birds 2nd yr; Hunter Pippin, Grow Your Own Vegetables; Eleanore Stowe, You Can Quilt Jr; Brenna Schluep, Young Engineers in Solar Energy; Savannah Green, Self-Determined Project Sr; Landon Rains, Shooting Sports-Rifle Jr; Wyatt Bowman, Basic Archery.

Ohio State Fair project judging resulted in four Hocking County youth receiving Outstanding Awards:

Lauren Klingelhafer, Cake Decorating Beginner Jr; Abby Cox, Sew Fun Jr; Kylie Arnett, Cavies (ages 13-18); Jayden Horvath, Rockets Away (2-Liter Bottle Rockets)

Youth also have the option each year to participate in Ohio Youth Skillathons. This year skillathons were offered both virtually and in-person to any traditional 4-H or FFA youth. This is an educational event and gives youth the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned through project work. Competition is broken down into age divisions, placing the top 10. Overall winners are then calculated for each species.

The following Hocking County youth participated in the Ohio Youth Skillathons:

Virtual Skillathon -

Justin Klingelhafer, Swine, 10th place; Rabbit, no placement

Andrea Klingelhafer, Swine, 3rd place; Rabbit, 1st place; Rabbit Overall, 4th place; Dog, 7th place; Horse, 3rd place; Horse Overall 8th place

In-Person Skillathon -

Andrea Klingelhafer, Horse, 3rd place; Carmen Robers, Horse 3rd place; Stacey McKnight, Horse, 1st place; Christen Robers, Horse 1st place; Kaylee Farme

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