LOGAN — During Monday night’s Logan-Hocking School District Board meeting, Superintendent Monte Bainter said the first day of school went off without hitch.

He further noted that all the students came prepared with masks, and followed the guidelines for social distancing.

Bainter said some special provisions were made to accommodate the returning students such as less students in classrooms, desks in every nook and cranny of the buildings, and staggered lunch hours, among other guidelines.

“The first day went as well as it could go,” Bainter stated. “The students wore their masks and were aware of the social distancing. The kids did a fantastic job. I needed today — we all needed today.

“It was great to see the student interacting with their friends — some they haven’t seen since March. It was just a great day — we needed today,” he emphasized.

Bainter further noted spectators following the rules when it comes to sporting events or any other interactions with the school district.

He said that inspectors from the Ohio High School Athletic Association would be out and about at the events making sure that everyone is following the guidelines put in place.

“I’m not going to mess around with this,” Bainter stated. “If you don’t have a mask on, you don’t attend. I’m just not going to mess around with this rule.”

Bainter said there’s a lot to lose if people do not follow the guidelines, including funding to the school, and all sports could be eliminated.

“People have to follow the rules,” he added.

There are guidelines for all sporting events in today’s edition of The Logan Daily News on page B1.

According to the superintendent, attendance is down this year with over 800 students choosing to attend the Chieftain Academy online. Chrome books were distributed Monday and Tuesday for students choosing to do their schoolwork online.

“Altogether, I believe there’s somewhere around 861 students attending school through the Chieftain Academy,” Bainter said.

While there have been many adjustments to begin the new school year, Bainter is excited that students are permitted to play sports and attend school, even if it’s at a distance — social distance.

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